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Tax Advisory Specialists
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Our highly trained and motivated professional staff, and the latest technology, enable us to utilize the best tools to meet and surpass your current needs.  Sound expert professional advice and planning can make a huge difference towards meeting and even exceeding your goals and expectations.

When it comes to getting your tax money fast. One Stop Service Center has always been the speed and convenience leader.  Our tax experts are trained to get you the biggest refund possible the fastest way possible. We can handle any kind of return to make getting your money fast and easy.  Our tax planning is geared towards both Individuals and Employers and is custom designed based on your specific needs.

Areas of Practice

Why wait if you don’t have to?
As the weeks went by after last year's tax filing deadline and bills continued piling up, many taxpayers found themselves second-guessing their filing decisions. What if I had done it myself? What if I had e-filed? What if I had used that other company? Why is this taking so long?

  • Taxes. Security. Together.
    IRS, the states and the tax industry come together to help protect taxpayer data.

  • For victims of ID theft
    Find out how the IRS works with victims of tax-related identity theft and refund fraud.

  • New security changes for taxpayers
    Find out how new identity security measures will help protect you this filing season.

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